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Do as directed:

1) Father said, "Smita, why are you studying now?” (change into indirect) 

2) Everyone was surprised by the sudden attack. (change the voice)   

3) To die is better than to surrender. (Rewrite using gerunds of the underlined infinitives) 

4) They could not reach the meeting place before time. (Rewrite adding a questing tag) 

5) All of them cannot do the assigned work. (Rewrite using 'be able to') 

6) Though everyone is happy about the decision, there is a doubt about its implementation. (Rewrite using 'but')

For solving such sentences, there are specific rules of grammar to be followed. Let's go through these required rules and then change the sentences accordingly.

Sentences no:1

While changing an interrogative sentence into indirect narration, you should remove inverted commas after using 'asked' as the reporting verb. As the given sentence is a 'Wh-' question, you must use the same 'Wh-' word as conjunction and change the question into assertion by exchanging the places of a 'subject' and 'helping verb'. You must use past tense as the reporting verb is in past tense. Then you should make the other as necessary charges such as 'now' is changed into 'then' and instead of a question mark, use a full stop.   

So, the answer should be-

Ans: Father asked Smita why she was studying then. 

Sentences no.2

For changing the voice of the sentence, you should first identify the type of voice used in the given sentence. You must look at the verb to do this. In the given sentence, the verb is 'was surprised'. The verb contains ‘to be + past participle of verb', so the sentence is in Passive voice and you have to change it into Active voice. So, the construction of 'o + to be + past participle of verb + by + s' needs to be changed into 's + v + o' form by using the verb in appropriate tense form. 

So, the answer should be. 

Ans: The sudden attack surprised everyone.

Sentence no.3 

Gerunds have the specific structure of 'verb + -ing' and they are used as nouns. So they are called 'verbal nouns'. Infinitives and gerunds can replace each other without making many changes in the sentence. The given sentence has two underlined infinitives 'to die' and 'to surrender' for using gerunds to replace these infinitives. We have to add the suffix '-ing' to these verbs and then rewrite the sentence using gerund forms.   

So, the answer should be- 

Ans: Dying is better than surrendering.

Sentence no.4

Adding a question tag depends upon the type of sentence given. For assertive sentences, the rule is - if the sentence is affirmative, its tag is negative and if the sentence is negative. The tag is affirmative. A question tag consists of 'helping verb+(not)+s+?'

The subject is always written in the pronoun form. The given sentence is negative, so its tag must be affirmative. You have to use the appropriate 'helping verb' and add 'subject' after it to complete the tag.

So, the answer should be-

Ans: They could not reach the meeting place before time, could they?

Sentence no.5

You need to read such sentences very cautiously. You all know modal auxiliaries and their functions, so you know that the modal auxiliary 'can' indicates 'ability'. So while using 'be able to 'or 'be unable to' (in case of the negative meaning), you have to find out 'can' and forms of it used in the sentence like 'cannot' 'could' or 'could not' and replace it with 'able to' or 'unable to'.

So, the answer should be-

Ans: All of them are unable to do the assigned work.

Sentence no.6

You have studied 'clauses' from Std- IX. You all know that the Adverb clause has its own types. The Adverb Clause of contrast is identified using the conjunction 'though'. Similarly, the conjunction 'but' indicates contrast. So both the conjunctions indicate contrast. While using 'but' in the given sentence, you need to take care that without removing 'though', you cannot use 'but'. Both these conjunctions can never be used together as both of them indicate similar meaning. 

So the answer should be-

Ans: Everyone is happy about the decision, but there is doubt about its implementation.


Related question- 

Do as directed:

1) My friend said," you have to help me in this difficult condition." (Rewrite using indirect narration) 

2) We are meeting our friends next week. (change the voice)

3) All the things were beautiful. (Add a question tag) 

4) We are able to deal with the situation well. (Rewrite using 'can')

5) They were ready to complete the work, but the seniors were not ready for it. (Rewrite using 'though') 

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