Tips on How to Prepare for Class 10 

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Tips on How to Prepare for Class 10 

Class 10 is considered the life-changing phase for every student. It is the milestone that helps in shaping your future that is why you have to undergo rigorous training. Class 10 is all about facing tough competition not only with your classmates but with students across the nation. Therefore, to help students sail through these problems, we have compiled a list of pointers that will help you achieve your goals.

Pointers to prepare for your Class 10 

1.  Have a timetable in place

Many students experience anxiety and stress bouts as they enter Class 10. Furthermore, losing motivation and confidence. Therefore, it is imperative to utilize your time wisely, and for that, you must have a timetable in place. Note down your waking hours, daily chores, eating and resting hours, as well as other works. With this, you will be able to overcome those ‘last minute’ scary anxiety.

2.  Start your day early

Early morning vibes are good for a great endeavor. You are fresh, a new day has begun, and you can grasp educational resources in a better way. But that doesn’t mean you compromise your sleep, so you must sleep early at night. An incomplete sleep pattern may hamper your concentration. 

3.  Jot down your targets

Class 10 boasts a very vast syllabus, and achieving all at once is not possible. Therefore, you must divide subjects either day-wise or week wise and set goals for yourself. Make up your mind that each day or each week, you're going to complete this goal. Apart from school homework, if you have extra time, then contribute it to studying a bit extra.

4.  Have breaks in between

The continuous study may drain you mentally as well as physically. Therefore, it is important to take a rest in a while. Go for a quick stroll, meditate, or take a nap; because it is important to let your mind and body relax for a while. Take a 5-10 minutes gap after every hour. Do not compromise on sleep and eating habits. 

5.  Don’t opt for a monotonous timetable

No one can study geography for five long hours continuously. Thus, making it extremely uninteresting. Therefore, try and combine two subjects in those five hours. It will uncomplicate your studying process and add a spark of motivation.   

6.  Be specific while achieving your target

So, if you have started Trigonometry, then ensure to complete the target. Don’t leave it halfway because while resuming you may lose interest. So, if you started studying one chapter, then complete it. Do not deviate easily and come up with a complex timetable. Because it becomes easier to lose interest.

7.  Change your plan if it isn’t working

While studying if you think, a particular plan you devised isn’t working then feel free to change it. Because it all depends on your concentration, time, speed, and grasping power as you have to balance school hours as well as extra classes. So, don’t mix too many things.

8.  Colour code your subjects

If you are unable to read and wish to identify your subject, then use various color codes for the subject. Writing each subject becomes tedious, thus mark it with colors. It will make your timetable eye-pleasing and colorful.

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