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Basics And A Concrete Study Pattern For Class 10 Students:

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Preparing for the most critical exam in a student's life, the Class 10 Exams, is not easy. A student can do well on the Class 10 Board Exam if they have a good study plan and the required materials.


Time Management for Class 10 Boards!

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Time management is necessary for any exam preparation trip, and board exams for class 10 are no exception. As critical as last-minute suggestions are effective time management during planning and in the examination hall. Effective time management skills are critical in assisting students in completi...

Class 10th --> Grammar --> "Do as directed"

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1) Father said, "Smita, why are you studying now?” (change into indirect) 

2) Everyone was surprised by the sudden attack. (change the voice)   

3) To die is better than to surrender. (Rewrite using gerunds of the underlined infinitives) 

4) They could not reach the meeting pla...